8 Different Types of Tile

8 Different Types of Tile

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Arguably the most versatile surface covering available, almost any surface can be improved through the use of tiles. Not only are tiles extremely practical and hard-wearing, they’re also extremely attractive. With so many different shapes, sizes, colors, patterns, and materials to choose from, it’s little surprise that tiles are a perennial favorite for everything from walls and floors to splashbacks and outside areas.

Tiles are suitable for any room in the house and any budget – whether you’re looking for a classic, high-end design or cut-price floor tiles to give a hallway or kitchen a budget makeover, tiles provide the answer.

Read on to discover more about the incredible selection of tile options that mosaics4you provide. From porcelain to metal, natural stone, glass, ceramic and mosaic options, our range is sure to include a choice that will work for you. 


A variation of ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles are made by firing clay at higher temperatures than ceramic tiles. The result is a tile that’s denser (less porous) than ceramic. It’s also a heavier tile, as well as being durable and hard-wearing. 

Ideal for high-traffic areas, their moisture-resistant properties mean porcelain tiles also work really well in kitchens and bathrooms. They also stand up well to temperature changes, which is another reason why they’re frequently seen in bathrooms and kitchens.


Although metal tiles are perhaps less well-known than a porcelain option, they’re growing in popularity due to their attractive appearance and durable nature. Stainless steel tiles are a particularly appealing option for kitchens or other spaces where hygiene is a priority. They can withstand heavy cleaning and are immune to moisture and temperature changes.

Stainless steel also reflects the light beautifully, creating a modern, bright, and fresh vibe in any interior space.

Other metals that are commonly available in tile format include brass and copper. These can be coated, to prevent deterioration, or, depending on the location, left to weather naturally. Copper and brass offer timeless beauty, at the same time as being right on trend with current earth palettes and the fashion focus on using recyclable materials.

Natural Stone

Few tiles can beat the appeal of natural stone. If you want a floor or wall that makes a powerful statement, natural stone is the way to go. It goes without saying that stone tiles will last as long as the property they’re laid in, providing exceptional longevity.

Stone is also available in a good selection of colors, so there’s a choice that will suit every palette. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, if installed correctly, stone tiles are a stunning option. As stone is porous, in most cases the tiles are sealed either pre- or post-installation. Resealing will be needed every few years to keep your stone tiles in top condition.


A beautiful option for walls and splashbacks, glass tiles reflect the light beautifully. They’re also easy and simple to keep clean, immune to moisture and temperature changes, and will last for decades. 

Glass works particularly well in modern kitchens, providing a contemporary accent that looks amazing. Glass tiles are available in a good selection of colors and patterns, as well as different shapes to give additional visual interest. 


Ceramic tiles are a popular choice and for good reason. Available in a fantastic selection of shapes, colors, and sizes, they are also hard-wearing, suitable for locations where humidity and/or moisture are likely to be issues, and also easy to care for. 

Perfect for kitchen floors and splashback, ceramic tiles also work well in bathrooms, hallways, utility rooms, and conservatories. With so many different ceramic options currently available, many homeowners are installing tiles in living rooms, dens, studies, and dining rooms. Hygienic and low-maintenance, ceramic tiles are also competitively priced.


Mosaics consist of small tiles, usually in a variety of different colors. The mosaic may be a pattern, a picture, or a random design. Tiles in the mosaic may be the same shape and size or come in a variety of dimensions. A popular choice for decor since the days of ancient Rome, mosaic tiles make a stunning addition to any home. 

As well as individual tiles, it’s also possible to buy bigger tiles with a mosaic pattern. These provide the same visual effect as a mosaic but are much easier to install. 

Mosaic tiles are available in an enormous selection of shapes (including penny rounds, subway effect tiles, diamond tiles, fans, and hexagons). They are also on offer in a variety of materials – if you want a metal or natural stone mosaic, Mosaics4you have exactly what you’re looking for.


Marble is a form of natural stone, but one that’s renowned for its beauty. If you want a truly luxurious flooring or wall tiling material, marble is perfect. Marble comes in a variety of different tones, including greys, browns, yellows, blues, greens, white, and black. Because it’s a natural material, each tile will be slightly different and unique.

Marble tiles require care and regular maintenance. They are also heavy, so may not be suitable for all locations. That said, a marble floor or marble-tiled kitchen is a gorgeous addition to any home.

Tiles Work Well Outdoors

As well as being ideal for interior use, tiles are a popular choice for anything from patios to terraces, pool surrounds, flooring for external structures (pagodas and summerhouses, for example), and pathways. When you use mosaics4you for your tiles, we are happy to advise on what’s going to work best for your individual property.

The team at mosaics4you look forward to helping you get the right tiles to complete your next project successfully. Our range includes all of the tile types listed above, as well as a great selection of vinyl flooring – perfect for almost any interior.

Get in touch to find out more about what we can offer, or to discuss your requirements in more detail.

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